Join us in creating a center for teaching and practicing small-scale, organic agriculture and sustainable living

Teaching and Sharing Garden

"A Teaching and Sharing Garden"

Welcome to our Launch Pad Garden, 4000 sq. ft. of fertility at the SE corner of Lacy Rd. and Fahey Glen in Fitchburg, WI! (Click here for map.) On this small plot of borrowed land, we are teaching and learning how to create a local food system in the Madison area. We hope to "scale up" our experiences when we purchase a 250-acre parcel just 2 miles away – but that will take a lot of help! (Read about our vision, and see the land that could become a center for sustainable agriculture and living by clicking here.)


Our volunteers cover a range from experienced organic farmers to newcomers who have never planted a seed before. A lead volunteer offers assignments and advice, and people learn by doing. All aspects of creating this launch pad garden have been done by volunteers: from sod stripping and rototilling, to growing seeds under lights, to transplanting, weeding and harvesting the vegetables. We are all learning as we go, and many are inspired to grow more at home because of what they are learning here. To volunteer for a shift in the garden, click here.

Sharing the Harvest

The food we grow is mostly given to the Allied Drive Food Pantry, on Fitchburg's west side. The ethnically and culturally diverse clientele there appreciate the collards, tomatoes, cilantro, papalo, tomatillos and more that we deliver once a week.  We also provide handouts on each vegetable, with storage, cooking and serving suggestions.

To learn more about our other educational programs, click here.


The Garden in the News!

Follow this link to see us in action on WKOW TV:  Jefferson Award Video